Aditya Parandekar

About me

Hello! I am Aditya, a pre-final year undergraduate student at BITS Pilani, Goa, India majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am a Robotics Enthusiast and I try to devote maximum of my time towards increasing my knowledge and contributing to the research in robotics.

My research interests are inclined towards Path Planning, Perception, and State Estimation of robots and making them completely autonomous and self-reliant.

With the projects and research I am currently doing, I am trying to gain maximum knowledge and achieve complete autonomy!

I am the Technical head of the Electronics and Robotics Club of my college. I am involved in leading a team of 50+ highly motivated team of students in robotics and related research. I previously interned at Black Coffee Robotics where I worked on the developing an end-to-end diagnostics system for the Fleet Management of robots deployed in warehouses.

I also interned at a research institution- CSIR-CEERI Pilani where I researched and worked on implementing autonomous landing of UAVs on moving platforms.

These experiences helped me being more intersted and keen towards research and developing reliable autonomous systems.

I also devote some time of my day to football training as I am a semi-professional football player representing my college football team BITS FC in the GFA first Division League in Goa, India.


Check out some of my selected projects here!

Project Kratos



ROS Path Planning Hackathon